The hammam is a Moroccan tradition that dates back more than a thousand years. Based around deep cleansing and purifying rituals, it is believed to aid deep muscle relaxation and detox, and a better quality of sleep. Treatments include cleansing with fragrant frothy bubbles as well as mineral salts, muds and seaweeds. Our double hammam can be booked for individual or couple / two-person treatments. £75 / £85 per person All hammam treatments are 55 minutes

£75 / £85 per person

All Hammam treatments are 55 minutes

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Hammam Algae Wrap | Thalgo

The original marine algae wrap, harnessing all the incredible benefits of seaweed. This treatment stimulates the circulation, increases metabolism, relieves aches and pains and can improve certain dry skin conditions. After a relaxing welcome massage and body exfoliation, Thalgo’s patented natural seaweed wrap is applied, infusing your skin with its minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients. Excellent for detox and general well-being.

Hammam Invigorating Marine | Thalgo

This invigorating marine ritual starts with a full body cleanse using a foaming bubble pillow. Red algae shower gel massages and cleanses your skin with a cloud of marine bubbles. This is followed by an application of ultra-cleansing natural Dead Sea marine mud, and natural sea salts, for the ultimate full body exfoliation. The treatment will eliminate dead skin, alleviate dry and rough skin and revive and invigorate the whole body.

Hammam Skin Softening Marine | Thalgo

This skin softening ritual begins with a relaxing massage and full body exfoliation using a revitalising marine scrub and a nourishing body oil customised to your needs (choose from relaxing or refining essential oil blends). This is followed with a full body cleanse using a foaming bubble pillow with a red algae shower gel to massage and cleanse in a cloud of marine bubbles.