Cookies Policy

Cookies enable us to identify you when you’re logged in, how you use our website and/or which device you are using.

They are important to improve your experience on We use the following types of cookies:

  1. ‘Strictly Necessary’ cookies let you move around the website and use essential features such as our searches and our logged-in areas.
  2. ‘Performance’ cookies collect information about how you use our website e.g. which pages you visit.
  3. ‘Functionality’ cookies are used to provide our core services or to save settings to improve your visit.
  4. ‘Targeting’ cookies are deployed by third parties, such as social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and linkedin) and our advertising partners. They may subsequently use information about your visit to target you with advertising that you may be interested in, on this and other websites.
agile-crm-guidthird party5 yearsUsed by Agile CRM to track sessions.
agile-crm-session_idthird party Used by Agile CRM to track sessions.
agile-crm-session_start_timethird party Used by Agile CRM to track sessions.
viewed_cookie_policypersistent1 yearUsed by our site to store consent that you have agreed to cookies.
_wcml_booking_currencypersistent1 dayUsed to track change in currency
catAccCookiespersistent4 weeksCookie set by the UK cookie consent plugin to
record that you accept the fact that the site uses cookies.
_icl_current_languagepersistent1 dayUsed to track language
_gathird party2 yearsUsed by Google Analytics
_gatthird party1 minuteUsed by Google Analytics
_gidthird party1 dayUsed by Google Analytics
tk_lrthird party11 monthsUsed by Jetpack first party analytics tool.
tk_r3dthird party3 daysUsed by Jetpack first party analytics tool.
tk_orthird party4 yearsUsed by Jetpack first party analytics tool.


Force24 Cookies & Tracking

Our organisation also utilises Force24’s marketing automation platform. Force24 cookies are first party cookies and are enabled at the point of cookie acceptance on this website. The cookies are named below:

  • F24_autoID
  • F24_personID

They allow us to understand our audience engagement thus allowing better optimisation of marketing activity.

f24_autoId – This is a temporary identifier on a local machine or phone browser that helps us track anonymous information to be later married up with f24_personid. If this is left anonymous it will be deleted after 6 months . Non-essential, first party, 10 years, persistent.

f24_personId – This is an ID generated per individual contact in the Force24 system to be able to track behaviour and form submissions into the Force24 system from outside sources per user. This is used for personalisation and ability to segment decisions for further communications. Non-essential, first party, 10 years, persistent.

The information stored by Force24 cookies remains anonymous until:

  • Our website is visited via clicking from an email or SMS message, sent via the Force24 platform and cookies are accepted on the website.
  • A user of the website completes a form containing email address from either your website or your Force24 landing pages.

The Force24 cookies will remain on a device for 10 years unless they are deleted.

Other Tracking 

We also use similar technologies including tracking pixels and link tracking to monitor your viewing activities. 

Device & browser type and open statistics

All emails have a tracking pixel ( a tiny invisible image ) with a query string in the URL. Within the URL we have user details to identify who opened an email for statistical purposes.

Link Tracking

All links within emails and SMS messages sent from the Force24 platform contain a unique tracking reference, this reference help us identify who clicked an email for statistical purposes.

The website gives you detailed step by step guidance on how to control and delete cookies depending on your browser type. You can adjust your browser settings to your preferred level of protection. The list below provides links to privacy controls for third-party websites that deliver cookies via our website within advertisements or widgets.

Google analytics’s opt out options
Google and Doubleclick opt-out details
Network Advertising Initiative